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Coach Jeremy Collins » F.I.T.T and H.I.I.T Principles (Strength & Conditioning)

F.I.T.T and H.I.I.T Principles (Strength & Conditioning)

Standards and Objectives:
MS.17.8- Engages in a workout to include aerobic, muscular strength/endurance and flexibility training.
MS.19.8- Engages in a flexibility warm-up that utilizes both dynamic and static stretches.
FPA.4.6 Identifies the FITT Principle.
(Frequency, Intensity, Type, Time)
Students will learn about the F.I.T.T and H.I.I.T Principles as well as participate in moderate to vigorous activity using these principles. Students will also learn how to find their Max Heart Rate(MHR) and Target Heart Rate(THR) even though this is not an objective yet!