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Coach Jeremy Collins » Flag Football (PE)

Flag Football (PE)

Standards and Objectives:
(K-4)MS.10.2- Throws Overhand demonstrating side to target using foot opposition.
(K-4)MS. 11.1 Catches a self tossed object.
(K-4)MS. Catches an object at various levels and locations around the body. w/ partner.
(K-4)MS. 15.1 Approaches Stationary ball w/ non-kicking foot beside the ball and making contact with shoelaces.
(5-6)MS. 1.6 Using Mature overhand pattern throws at targets of varying distances.
(5-6)MS. 2.6 Using a mature pattern catches at different levels and extensions. 
(5-6)MS. 3.6 Receives with hands while traveling.(partner activity).
Day 1: Station Work w/ emphasis on expectations of each station.
Day 2: Station Work w/ emphasis on QB Camp!
Day 3: Station Work w/ emphasis on Kicking Camp!
Day 4: Station Work w/ emphasis on WR Camp!
Day 5: Skills Competition!
Flag Football
Target Net