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Coach Jeremy Collins » Floor Hockey (PE)

Floor Hockey (PE)

Standards and Objectives:
(K-4)MS.19.3- Strikes an object with a long handled implement sending it forward and using proper grip.
(K-4)MS.19.4- Strikes with proper grip, side orientation, and swing plane.
(5-6)MS.3.6- Passes/Receives w/ implement while traveling.
(5-6)MS.5.6- Performs offensive skills(give and go, fakes, and/or changes in direction) to create open space without defensive pressure.
Day 1- Intro to Hockey/Safety and Puck Handling.
Day 2- Passing and Receiving the Puck.
Day 3- Shooting/Target Shooting
Day 4- Hockey Skills Stations
Day 5- Modified Gameplay
Floor Hockey
Foam Head Hockey Sticks
Floor Pucks
Gator Skin Balls