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Mrs. Tammi Walker » Mrs. Walker's 7th Grade Reading/Language Arts Class

Mrs. Walker's 7th Grade Reading/Language Arts Class

Welcome to 7th grade!!  My name is Tammi Walker, and I am the 7th grade Reading and Language Arts teacher. This year begins my 24th year teaching. I have been at Philadelphia for 23 years, and I have been in 7th grade for 15 years. PES is the only place I have ever taught. I also attended school at Philly from Kindergarten through 8th grade. So, as you can see, I have a history with PES. PES is HOME! I have a reputation for being tough, but I truly love my 7th graders!!  There isn't anywhere I would rather be than 7th grade at PES!!
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7th Grade English-Language Arts

2019-2020 Classroom Plan and Procedures Handbook

Mrs. Tammi Walker

Email:                            Phone:  (865) 458-6801  

  • Arrival to class: When you arrive to class, get a computer, check email, check skyward if you are in my homeroom.  If not in my homeroom, use the restroom and begin editing the bell
  • Dismissal: Students should remain in their seats until told to pack up and transition to their next class.
  • Homeroom: Students’ 4th block teacher will be their homeroom teacher.  Students will go directly to their homeroom each day when school begins.  This teacher will provide students with purple folders, forms, etc. that are needed for school, as well as take lunch count.
  • Cell Phones: All cell phones must be put away and turned off while at school unless permission for use has been given by the teacher for a class activity.  For educational purposes, I ask that students bring their cell phones to class.  They will be using them in class for different activities and assignments.  Students must ONLY use their devices when given permission, and they must be using them for educational purposes ONLY.  Students may be required to leave their phones in a “parking lot” if they are not responsible with their devices.  The parking lot is simply a pocket pouch hanging on my back wall.  Students would simply get their phone out of the parking lot as they leave the class if their phone ends up in the parking lot.
  • Lockers:  Students will receive a locker number and combination at the beginning of the year.  This is where they can keep their books, supplies, and other belongings.  Students must treat these with care and keep them clean throughout the year.  Students are NOT to put food of any kind in their lockers.  In preparation for high school, students will be required to use their locker throughout the day.  Students MUST learn their locker combination and use their lockers daily so that they do not end up carrying all books and supplies throughout the day. 
  • Announcements: All students should be attentive and listen to announcements.  These announcements provide teachers and students with important information.  No talking will be permitted during this time. 
  • Restroom: Students will have approximately 3-4 minutes in between each class to go to their lockers and use the restroom.   If students need to use the restroom during class, they may ask for  If students ask to use the restroom during class, they will be allowed to go, but they will have to use one of their bathroom passes.  Students will receive three bathroom passes from each of their teachers.  If students still have all three passes at the end of that 9-weeks, they will earn bonus points that will be averaged into their 9-weeks final grade.  Students will receive new passes at the beginning of each 9-weeks.  If students lose their passes, they will not be replaced.  If students use all their passes during the course of the 9-weeks and they ask to go to the restroom, they will owe their recess.  The purpose of this is to teach students to use their time wisely.  To avoid losing instruction time, I ask that unless it is an emergency, all students should use the restroom during the minutes in between classes. 
  • Transitions: In transitions from class to class, restroom, lunch, library, lab, specials, and all other activities, students are expected to transition quietly, safely, and respectfully down the halls.  Be respectful in ALL places.
  • Two-pocket folder/Binder: Each student is to have one, 2-pocket folder and a 1-inch, 3-ring binder for English-Language Arts.  Students will keep all items from class in the binder.  The folder is for homework and study guides.  That way students shouldn’t need to take the binder home as long as they keep their papers organized and in the appropriate locations.  Students will be expected to have these in class every day. 
  • Bell Ringer: Students will be given an editing bell ringer at the beginning of each week.  Students can find the number of errors for each day of editing on the board, and students will work on the editing bell ringer each day they enter my class.  The editing bell ringer will be turned in at the end of each week. Students will have occasional unannounced quiz grades on editing.  I am also trying something new this year.  We are going to try a daily bell ringer that will be completed through Google Classroom.  Depending on how this goes, this may replace the daily editing.  I will let you know if I make this change. 
  • Purple folders: No longer will you receive an actual purple folder.  We are going to be sending digital copies of most purple folder items.  This will come to you via email.  It is very important to please let the teachers know all of the email addresses you would like this information sent to.  Students will also receive emails with purple folder info attached.  If you do not have access to the internet on a phone or computer, please let us know, and we can send you a paper copy. 
  • Agenda: Students will no longer have agendas/planners in 7th and 8th  Students will be trained on how to put important dates and assignments into their Office 365 accounts using the calendar application.  We will also help students download the Outlook calendar app on their phones.  If students do not have cell phones, students will be provided a calendar.   
  • Snacks/Drinks: Students are allowed to bring water to class, but it must be in a bottle with a lid.  Snacks can be eaten in class, but they must be out of sight and not create a mess.  If this privilege causes a distraction, it can be taken away.
  • LAPTOPS: Students are to keep up with and not lose their laptops.  Students must take care of treat them with care.  Students are NOT to use anyone else’s laptop but their own.  Students must arrive to each class with their laptop.  If students leave laptops in another classroom, or misplace it, they will be required to use a computer pass.  Students will be given computer passes in the same way they are given bathroom passes.  If students do not have to use any of their passes by the end of each 9-weeks, they will earn extra credit points. 
Work Materials/Class-Work
  • Materials: Students are to come to class with all necessary materials.  Unless told otherwise, students need to bring their English-Language Arts binder, pencils (at least 2), loose-leaf paper, various colors of highlighters, and various colors of ink pens (no black ink).  Students will need these supplies every day.  
  • Information on classwork being turned in: students should always label the top right-hand corner of their notebook paper with the following information
  • First and last name
  • Date
  • Homeroom (Walker, Woody, Mason)
  • Block (B1, B2, or B3)
  • Absentees:  If a student is absent, it is his or her responsibility to come to the teacher after they return to find out what he or she may have missed.  If notes were taken that day, the student will be responsible for asking a friend or neighbor to see his or her notes before or after class to copy them down.  A student who is absent will have one week to get any make-up work completed and turned in once they return to school.  Example:  A student misses Monday and Tuesday of this week and comes back on Wednesday, his/her work is due at the start of class next Wednesday.  Students are encouraged to get make-up work turned in as quickly as possible, but they have this time if it is needed. 
  • Homework:  Students will receive a Drops in the Bucket homework sheet every Monday.  These pages review basic skills that students usually have a hard time with.  DIB’s (Drops in the Bucket) will be due on Friday.  I WILL accept them early.  Students need to keep them in their 2-pocket folder until they complete it and turn it in.  Students will be given one opportunity to turn their DIB’s in late.  If they are late more than once, they will not be accepted.  After five times of not turning in DIB’s, students will be sent to three days of after-school detention.  If the problem persists, it may result in Saturday school.
  • Due Dates: Students will always be notified about when work is to be turned in.  It is essential that students turn work in on correct due dates.  Oral book reports/presentations WILL NOT be accepted beyond the deadlines.  Please make sure to pay attention to any deadlines or due dates for assignments. 
Oral Presentations:
  • Oral presentations are a required assignment.  If students choose not to complete them, to cheat on them, to only partially read a book, or doesn’t read a book at all but still tries to present, there will be consequences.  Those consequences will increase in severity each 9-weeks. 
  • 1st 9-weeks: 4 days of after-school detention
  • 2nd 9-weeks: 5 days of after-school detention
  • 3rd 9-weeks: Saturday School
  • Dates for Oral Presentations are as follows:
  • 1st 9-weeks: September 30th
  • 2nd 9-weeks: December 16th
  • 3rd 9-weeks: March 4th
  • I will keep a chart so that I will know who has done what each 9-weeks. 
  • Lead and Set an Example: As 7th graders, the students are leaders of the school.  At all times, students should set a good example by showing respect to all adults and fellow warriors.  We want to truly hold students accountable for exemplary behavior as members of “The Back Hall.”
  • Handling Behavior: If students fail to abide by classroom procedures and policies, there will be a consequence.  For beginning or minor offenses, students can experience silent lunch or reducing/losing recess time.  If needed, students can receive a discipline referral, detention, or other forms of behavior intervention that will be determined on an individual basis. 
  • Extras
  • Teacher Website/Email: Please go to my teacher website and subscribe to it.  When you subscribe to my teacher webpage, you will receive emails notifying you of additions and/or changes to my teacher page.  You can also subscribe to the PES calendar through your mobile device, and it will sync the school calendar with your mobile calendar.  This is a simple way you for you to stay in touch and up to date on things going on at school and in my classroom.  Also, please feel free to email me at any time. This is the easiest and quickest way to contact me. 
  • The 4 P’s: BE POSITIVE, BE PUNCTUAL, BE PREPARED, BE POLITE.  These 4 classroom principles are to be adhered to in our ELA class.  As 7th graders, the students are the leaders of the school.  Students need to practice being leaders both inside and outside the classroom. 
Tentative Class Syllabus:
  • Novels: The following novels will be covered this year (one per 9-weeks): 
  • The Boy in the Striped Pajamas
  • The Giver
  • The Hunger Games
  • Mystery Month (month of October): We will be covering a few short stories in the month of October that will give you cold chills…
  • The tentative list of short stories we will cover will be:
  • The Masque of the Red Death
  • The Most Dangerous Game
  • The Yellow Wallpaper
  • Students will be writing a narrative essay/story during the mystery month
  • On-Point with Poetry: Poetry will be covered throughout the year in conjunction with our selected novels. 
  • Wrapping up the year: We will spend the 4th 9-weeks finishing our 3rd novel, argumentative essay writing, skill review, and test preparation.
  • Non-Fiction: Non-fiction will be covered throughout each 9-weeks in conjunction without selected novels. 
  • Writing Essays: Students will be writing at least one essay per 9-weeks that will be in relation to the novel being read that 9-weeks. Essays will either be an argument, informational/explanatory, or narrative. 
  • Important Note: Any title is subject to change.  Any changes will be announced to students and on the teacher webpage.