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HOME: Welcome/Announcements

Welcome to Mrs. Woody's 7th grade MATH class
The 7th grade curriculum includes the following topics:
  • the Number System,
  • Ratios & Proportions,
  • Expressions & Equations,
  • Geometry, and
  • Statistics & Probability
For more detailed information, please refer to the sidebar on this page, as well as your student's NotesBook.
I am a firm believer in basic skills, so expect your student to have homework and weekly practice of basic skills.  
In 7th grade, we also stress student maturity and self-discipline.  It is the student's responsibility to ask for make-up work when absent, as well as check Skyward regularly.
I use e-mail to communicate with parents individually, as well as group information.  It will be very beneficial to you if you will submit your e-mail address for me to add it to my communications list.  
I am looking forward to a productive year!
  • Please send me your e-mail address so I will be able to add you to my parent contact list.
  • Review classwork and notes EVERY evening.
  • Check Skyward at least once a week
  • You may contact me at any time via e-mail:

Newsletters, important school, and class announcements will be e-mailed on Mondays.  If you cannot receive e-mail, please contact your student's teacher.


     7:50-8:05  Homeroom
     8:05-8:50  Specials
     8:52-9:37  Tribe Time
9:40 - 11:10   Block II
     11:10-11:28  Recess
    *** 11:28-11:58  LUNCH ***
12:00 - 1:30  Block III  
1:32 - 3:05    Block IV
 FIRST nine-weeks
DOMAIN - Number System

Cluster- Basic Math computation
Specifically BASIC Math computation WITHOUT a calculator
**Add/Subtract/Multiply/Divide -Integers/ Fractions/Decimals-
**Order of Operations 

DOMAIN - Ratios and Proportional Relationships
Cluster- Proportion  
 SECOND nine-weeks
DOMAIN - Expressions & Equations
Cluster- Equivalent expressions; Numerical and algebraic expressions & equations
THIRD nine-weeks  
DOMAIN - Geometry
Cluster- Angle measure; Area; Surface Area; Volume; Descriptions; Comparisons
 FOURTH nine-weeks 
DOMAIN - Statistics & Probability
Cluster- Sampling; Probability
>>  REVIEW ALL STANDARDS in preparation for state testing