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Mrs. Mallory Russell » The Philly Express

The Philly Express

On Christmas many years ago, the Philly Express was born. It began as a prop for the annual Kindergarten Christmas play.  The Philly Express soon became a treasured part of Philadelphia School and Christmas parades from Loudon to Pittsburg!! The Philly Express has made annual trips to the Gatlinburg, Knoxville, Chattanooga, Loudon, and Sweetwater Christmas Parades.  Students were invited to participate and ride in the Philly Express.  Student council members were also chosen to carry the school banner and walk along with the train. 

Principal Edward Waller and Mr. Andy Hill were instrumental in the building and creating the Philly Express.  The engine is actually a truck with the train engine built around it.  Driving the train is an adventure that takes more people than you think because your field of vision is not great from inside.  People riding help direct the engine from left to right and on all turns.  The train cars have held generations of Philadelphia Warriors.  Students wave to all parade goers and scream "Merry Christmas!" 


Last year, a group of teachers decided we were ready to bring the train back! We have worked to raise money to get the train Parade ready! This year we have added brand new train cars, new lights, and have had the engine tuned up! Thanks to Andy Hill for all his work on the train cars!! Special thanks also goes to McKinley Auto who has worked on the engine. 


There are still items that need to be worked on, but we are very excited to introduce the Philly Express to a new generation of Philadelphia Warriors!


We would like to express our thanks to the following for helping with the restoration of the Philly Express:

Lawncare of East Tennessee

Big Red Car Wash

Davis Brothers Dairy

Community Donors


Please contact us if you would like to be part of the Restoration process! There are still lights to be added and parades to participate in!  You may contact Angela Bright-White for more information.  [email protected]