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Welcome to Art at Philadelphia!
Every student is important.
No student is more important than anyone else. Our goal is to achieve the best education we can. To make this happen, we have to obey certain rules. This means students will have to behave in a certain way so that each person gets the best education possible.
Below are the basic rules that everyone must follow. Failure to follow these rules will result in discipline. Success in following these rules will lead to everyone’s success.
"Avoid doing what you would blame others for doing." – Thales (c. 624 BC – c. 546 BC)

Students are expected to:
—Follow the rules and procedures of the art room
—Create/produce artwork to the best of their abilities
—Learn and have fun in the process

Art Classroom Rules:
Be Safe
—Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself
—Keep chair flat on the floor
—Walk and carry sharp objects carefully

Be Respectful
—Use quiet voices
—Treat others the way you would like to be treated
—Listen and follow directions

Be Responsible
—Turn in work neatly and on time
—Clean up after yourself
—Always do your best
Grades will be based on the standards and objectives for a project and delivered in several different formats
Report Cards
All students will receive an S (satisfactory) on their report card for giving appropriate effort in class and completing projects as assigned. Any student receiving a U (unsatisfactory) is not doing work or demonstrating a lack of progress. 
Comments and Feedback on Projects
When a project is complete, I do my best to provide each student with feedback in the form of a compliment (recognition of their strengths) and tips/trick (ideas on how to improve their execution or connection to the work).
Art Shows
Student work showing mastery of concepts and creativity will be automatically entered into one of two shows. In October, Philadelphia School art is featured at Central Office. In March, select work is on display at Loudon High School for the Loudon County Music and Art Showcase. Work is also juried for awards by the Loudon Women's Club during this event.
I keep current opportunities for art competitions available to all students who are interested. Some shows have prizes (cash, art supplies, scholarships).