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School Policies

Dress Code:

Students are encouraged to dress neatly and in good taste at all times.  Manner of dress and appearance should ensure that the environment in class is conducive to effective learning.  Any student failing to dress appropriately for school will be required to call a parent to bring appropriate clothing to school, to wear clothing the office may have, be assigned In-School Suspension for that day, or will be sent home.  The dress code applies to any school-related function such as field trips, etc. The following guidelines will be used in determining appropriate dress:

  • All students must wear shoes. No house shoes allowed. Cleats and rollers skates are not permitted.  It is recommended that sandals have straps on the back to ensure they stay on the students’ feet. Boots will not be allowed in P.E. or on any gym floor. Wear shoes that are safe and comfortable for gym and recess.
  • The top wearing apparel (shirt, blouse, etc.) must meet or overlap the bottom apparel. Shirts that are ripped, torn, shredded, netted, of lace, or have holes (whether intentional or unintentional) must be worn with a shirt underneath. Shirts with vulgar language, inappropriate pictures (e.g. sexually oriented, violence related), alcohol or cigarette advertising, or depicting, inferring, or glorifying illegal substances, or any other illegal activities, are not permitted.Shirts with spaghetti straps, bare backs, or that are otherwise too revealing are not permitted. 
  • No cleavage, bare bellies, backs, or underwear should be visible at any time.
  • Hats, bandanas, sunglasses, helmets, etc. are not to be worn in the building at any time except for special school activities or unless medical condition warrants it.
  • Clothing which is too revealing by being too tight, loose (open sleeves or necks), short, or see-through; or skirts/pants/shorts having rips, tears, or holes above the knee (in the region approved shorts would be worn); writing, or painting on them are NOT allowed—not even with leggings or yoga pants underneath.
  • Clothing or jewelry which promotes the use of alcohol, tobacco, guns, weapons, or drugs; displays obscenity, vulgarity, shows harming, maiming, or killing others; makes sexual references; implies hatred or racial prejudice; or gang implications (which shall include tattoos) is not acceptable for school.
  • Sagging of pants/shorts is not allowed. Pants must be of appropriate length and not dragging the ground.  Pants/shorts must not be overly baggy as to be able to hide a weapon. 
  • Dog collars, chains, safety pins on clothing, etc. are prohibited. This includes chains on wallets. 
  • Trench/long coats are not to be worn in the school building during school, unless heating problems arise.
  • The wearing of jewelry in pierced locations other than the ears is prohibited.
  • Colors of hair that do not occur naturally are prohibited (green, purple, pink, blue, etc.). Temporary hair color is allowed at select events. This will be communicated.
  • Undergarments are required. No clothing that reveals undergarments is allowed.
  • Shorts and skirts may be worn as long as a student’s middle finger can touch material when hands are relaxed to the sides.
  • NO GANG RELATED attire (to include bandanas), nor any tattoos related to gangs as determined by the administration. Tattoos must be covered with clothing or bandage at all times during school and at school related events.
  • Anything that disrupts the academic environment will not be tolerated.
  • Leggings may be worn with skirts; however, skirts must still meet the length requirement as stated above. Wearing leggings underneath shorts is not permitted.  Leggings and yoga pants by themselves are not permitted.


It is expected that each student, while exercising the right to dress and groom himself/herself in an individual way, will also show through his/her appearance a high dress of respect for the standards of decency, cleanliness and style acceptable to the school.