Philadelphia Elementary School

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Principal's Message

   My name is Marvin Feezell and I am honored to be the principal here in #WarriorNation!  Our mission is for Philadelphia Warriors to build college and career readiness while leading their community to Love the Purple and Live the Gold.  
   After the most challenging year we have ever had, our Warriors emerged victorious and we are now ready to move forward into 2021-22 even stronger than ever!  Last year we found ways to be who we are as Warriors, and that positive attitude will continue into this new year.  No matter what forms school takes throughout this year, our mission will be the same.  We will be continuing our 1:1 status with an iPad for every PK-2nd student and a laptop for every student in grades 3-8.  We will continue to use these tools to help students prepare for life in the 21st century, but our teachers and staff are still our most valuable resource to help students in the classroom.  
   This year we will continue our many intervention and enrichment programs for our students while exploring even more new ways to enhance our educational program.  We are adding an agriculture program for middle school that will be a combination of science and practical hands-on learning.  We are expanding our carpentry class with a new workshop, and we are also adding broadcasting and digital arts!  From multiple early interventions in the primary grades to new study skills and computing classes in the intermediate grades to our ACT and electives programs in middle school to our after-school LAUNCH program, our teachers are eager to help students achieve their potential.  
   Speaking of our students, we could not be more proud of our Warriors!  They continue to impress us with their perseverance in the classroom and their excellent citizenship.  Like every year, we can't wait to see what we will learn from them.  
   We have continued to remodel, clean up, clean out, update, paint, pressure wash, etc. around the campus both inside and out to ensure Warriors learn in great spaces.  We want to PES to provide big/new school experiences to our students in a small/historic school environment. We also have made many changes to our campus and procedures to ensure we provide the best student health and safety measures we can.  
   Thank you, #WarriorNation families, for your continued support of our students, our staff, and our school.  We continue to be recognized statewide for our innovations through awards and grants, and we appreciate YOUR support and participation in our success!!  Always feel free to call us or come by.  If you would like to be more involved at PES, please let us know.  Let's make 2021-22 our best year YET!

Marvin Feezell