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HOME: Welcome/Announcements

Welcome to Mrs. Woody's 7th grade MATH class
The 7th grade curriculum includes the following topics:
  • the Number System,
  • Ratios & Proportions,
  • Expressions & Equations,
  • Statistics & Probability, and
  • Geometry 
For more detailed information, please refer to the sidebar on this page, as well as your student's NotesBook.
I am a firm believer in basic skills, so expect your student to have homework and weekly practice of basic skills.  
In 7th grade, we also stress student maturity and self-discipline.  It is the student's responsibility to ask for make-up work when absent, as well as check Skyward regularly.
I use e-mail to communicate with parents individually, as well as group information.  It will be very beneficial to you if you will submit your e-mail address for me to add it to my communications list.  
I am looking forward to a productive year!
  • Please send me your e-mail address so I will be able to add you to my parent contact list.
  • Review planner, classwork, and notes EVERY evening.
  • Check Skyward at least once a week
  • You may contact me at any time via e-mail:


This folder contains weekly grades, newsletters, important school and class announcements, etc.  It requires a parent signature and needs to be returned on Tuesday each week.  



The agenda/planner is a valuable tool to keep parents informed of what students are learning every day, and also to help keep students on track with any homework that might be due the next day.


 7:50-8:05  Homeroom
8:05-9:34  Block I
9:41-11:05  Block II

 11:05-11:20  Recess
 *** 11:23-11:53  LUNCH ***
12:00- 1:25  Block III  
1:30-2:15   TRIBE TIME
 2:20-3:05  Specials/Teacher Helper
 FIRST nine-weeks
DOMAIN - Number System

Cluster- Basic Math computation
Specifically BASIC Math computation WITHOUT a calculator
**Order of Operations 

DOMAIN - Ratios and Proportional Relationships
Cluster- Proportion  

              SECOND nine-weeks
DOMAIN - Expressions & Equations
Cluster- Equivalent expressions; Numerical and algebraic expressions & equations

        THIRD nine-weeks  
DOMAIN - Statistics & Probability
Cluster- Sampling; Probability
DOMAIN - Geometry
Cluster- Angle measure; Area; Surface Area; Volume; Descriptions; Comparisons

     FOURTH nine-weeks 
>>  REVIEW ALL STANDARDS in preparation for state testing
That's MATH?!?
PREVIEW eighth grade skills.